Choose from the list below the course needed for you 

The courses will be in English with interpretation language to Hebrew

  At the end of the course, Doctor Gilbert Renu PhD will give an official participated diploma. 

 every participant will receive a special edition of Recall Healing related to the course subject 

All the courses will be LIVE ON ZOOM


Recall Healing 1

19-21 April 2021
Hours : 15:00-22:00 


This is the basic course of the Recall Healing Method, a mandatory course for all Recall Healing courses. 

Relationships, fertility & parenting

26-28  April 2021
Hours: 15:00-22:00

A fascinating course which we will examine the conflicts that govern relationships,   and parenthood

Overweight, Anorexia and other

3-5  May 2021
Hours: 15:00-22:00

חוויה עמוקה למטפלים ולאלה הרוצים לחוות כיצד מתנהל טיפול בריקול הילינג

1/3 Recall Healing facilitators

9-11 May 2021
Hours: 15:00-22:00

The special course only to Recall Healing students. 
This course will qualify the students to be a therapist.
First course out of three facilitators courses


Date by the chosen course

Hours: 15:00-22:00

Re-participation on Recall Healing in one of the  courses with special price  

Upcoming courses
21/02 Pre order prices till
Origianl price
Recall Healing 1​
19-21 April
1,600 ₪
1,750 ₪
Relationships, fertility & parenting​​
26-28 April
1,600 ₪
1,750 ₪
Overweight, Anorexia and more related topics
3-5 May
1,600 ₪
1,750 ₪
​Recall Healing Facilitators 1/3
9-11 May
1,600 ₪
1,750 ₪
Depends on chosen course
900 ₪
1000 ₪


Payment Policy: Can pay for courses up to 3 interest-free instalments

can pay up to 10 instalments payment with credit

Cancellation policy: Refund less registration fee of NIS 250.

The cancellation notice will be given in writing (email/fax) and will include the name and telephone number.

If necessary the canceler will have to show an invoice/proof of execution of the transaction.

After attending the first day of the course, there are no refunds