Recall healing


Time 9.30-18.00        
18-20 October 2020 

  Recall 1

25-27 October2020 


1-3 November  2020 



550           22 October 2020            

 Treatment Demonstration 


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About the course
The course will be taught in English
Paying by Credit Card is possible – up to 3 payments with no interest
Registration fee not returned in case of cancellation: 300 NIS
At the end of the course, a participation certificate will be given by Dr. Gilbert Renaud
In addition, every attendee will receive the detailed course's textbook.
It is also possible to purchase the Recall Healing book, by Gilbert Renaud, for 300 NIS in cash at the day of the event.

Course Registration
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Edna Zilberman for further questions: 00972 -52-3313888
Aviva for registration and payment: 00972532302205

syllabus Will be send by email

:About the lecturer

Dr. Gilbert Renaud, Phd
Is a member of the Scientific Counseling Committee and a Professor in the C.I.M academy, he has more than 30 years' experience as an expert in the holistic health field
Dr. Gilbert Renaud was trained in "Total Biology" by Dr. ClaudSabbah, France. Renaud has practical experience in Vancouver, Canada, and he teaches Total Biology\Recall Healing throughout North America and Europe.A link to Dr. Gilbert Renaud's site:
Course's organizing, production, and professional support:
Edna Zilberman – M.Sc in Biology, Chinese medicine therapist, homeopathy, recall healing, and a Theta Healing instructor..